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Founded by Don Bradley, PlanNet Marketing Inc. is the culmination of years of marketing, sales and product distribution experience. Don's vast knowledge of both network marketing and team building affords PlanNet Marketing a unique place among today’s at-home business models.

PlanNet Marketing has partnered with InteleTravel, the original at-home travel agency, recognized by every major travel supplier, including the best of the best resorts and hotel brands, cruise lines, vacation companies, car rental agencies and tour operators all over the world! As a PlanNet Marketing Rep, you will offer the InteleTravel home-based travel agent business opportunity to anyone who wants to turn a passion for travel into a flexible source of income and reward.

The PlanNet Marketing Director experience has been an absolutely Life Changing Opportunity for us. Where can you go and create an aggressive six-figure income in your first 21 months in business and now at 34 months being blessed to have more than double that income...PART-TIME? It’s the leadership, the vision of the owner, the people, the culture, the synergy among leaders, the mentorship, the empowerment, and the stories of people who are putting it all on the line that make being a Director in PlanNet Marketing second to none!
Greg & Carla S., Upper Marlboro, MD -- Three Star Directors
Our experience as PlanNet Marketing Representatives has been one of great rewards and personal and professional growth. We wake up every morning discussing whose life we are ready to change with this amazing life-altering opportunity. It's great to know that you have multiple leaders within the company from whom you can receive mentorship and guidance while growing your business and leading a team. PlanNet Marketing has and will continue to be a lifeline that will change the landscape of entry into small business ownership.
Shontina & Duane G., Milwaukee, WI -- One Star Director
Shana and I have been in the industry for nearly two decades. We have gotten to the point where we were losing faith in an industry that we loved. So many companies and "leaders" with hidden agendas. We found the perfect home with PlanNet Marketing and Mr. Bradley's leadership team. In nearly two decades, I've never witnessed different teams working together, all for a common goal. We are blessed to have established a consistent stream of income BEFORE being placed on permanent disability due to Glaucoma. I strongly encourage you to work on your plan B, one day you may have to depend on it.
Bob & Shana M., Columbus, OH -- One Star Director
We actually studied PlanNet 12 months before we came over, so we trusted God and our Network Marketing experience. What we saw during our study was professionalism, amazing culture, awesome compensation plan, and impeccable leadership. 18 mos. later, not only did we double the income we were earning, we also nearly tripled our team size. This has allowed Imani to remain without having to work a full-time job. We have also now exceeded what I earn on my full-time job. PlanNet Marketing was a God-send. Our team members are reporting income earnings that have exceeded what they were making in our previous opportunity. Thank you, Mr. Bradley, for being bold enough to create such an amazing opportunity.
Preston & Imani S., District Heights, MD -- Three Star Directors
PlanNet Marketing has been a blessing in my life. I have been able to retire from my profession without the worries of having to find a job. I love the ability to spend more time with my family and the ability to travel more than I ever have in my life. The growth potential is amazing and obtainable for anyone who is looking for more out of life.
Natalie A., Smyrna, GA -- Two Star Director
Wow! I am obsessively grateful for Mr. Bradley’s Vision, it has changed my life! My dreams quickly became my reality two years ago. I’m so thankful that I have positioned my family for financial, time & personal freedom but more than ever being honored to be able to position other families for that same freedom. I will continue this mission knowing I will not allow the process to punk me out of the promise, I can’t keep this a secret. I’m not just in PlanNet Marketing, PlanNet Marketing is in my DNA...It’s IN me. I AM The PlanNet, I design my own destiny.
Rachel R., Columbia, MO -- Three Star Director
Like most Millennials who graduate from college, I settled for a job I didn't study for and pay back an education that I could not use. After partnering with PlanNet Marketing and becoming a Director-in-Training, I utilized my degree in International Business and have grown an organization across the "PlanNet!" I coach and develop other Millennials through Baby Boomers how to help the average person earn additional income and how to see the world in ways they never imagined. Now, I have a purpose that I not only studied for, but one that I am truly meant for!
James A., Chestertown, MD -- Director in Training
Achieving Director in Training has been amazing!! Being a Rep with PlanNet Marketing is awesome in of itself! What often captivates me is the training and development that PlanNet provides, I am so very fortunate to have amazing mentor-ship in my up-line directors. I'm even more motivated to help more families when I see others grasping Mr. Bradley’s vision of this company, then applying the vision to their lives; running for financial, personal and time freedom; running to leave a Legacy, then winning in a major way!! I'm forever grateful for how PlanNet has changed my life over the past year and I look forward to everything to come in my future here, in the best place on the PlanNet!
Crystal B., Indianapolis, IN -- Gold Builder
My journey with PlanNet Marketing started around five months ago. From the moment I joined I just knew we had our hands on something lucrative. I ran as fast as I could and within a month I was promoted three times and hit Gold Builder, then Director in Training three months in. I started this to become more financially independent and be with my three kids and partner who has serious health issues. Not only am I now a lot better off financially, I am also at home where I need to be. I cannot wait to see what the future brings with this incredible company.
Jenna B., Glasgow, UK -- Director in Training
Being Director In Training with PlanNet has been an incredible experience for us. Last year our credit score increased just by paying our bills on time and in full. We also were able to buy a much-needed new car with no cosigner at an amazing interest rate. In January my husband was diagnosed with AML a form of Leukemia. As you can imagine that was not part of our New Year’s plans. Thankfully we had this in place and it was truly a godsend for us. My husband was hospitalized for 35 days, out of work for four more months. Because of PlanNet we were able to survive. Our bills were paid on time and we didn't have to move. We cut back on a few things but given the alternative, it was well worth it. We count our blessing daily for PlanNet, the Bradleys and their vision.
Samuel & Liz H., Dallas, TX -- Directors in Training

PlanNet Mobile App

Get closer to your business than ever before! With the PlanNet Marketing Mobile App, you stay up date on company news and events, get instant updates on your Rep's and ITA's activity, easily contact your team members and stay up to date on their recent activity as well. The PlanNet Mobile App is also your key marketing tool for sharing Videos and Websites to prospective leads. You'll be notified the instant someone visits your website or watches a video you've shared so you can follow up with these prospects immediately. Keep up with company news and events, as well as special news and announcements.

Compensation Plan
Conference Calls

Direct Sales Commission

The PlanNet Marketing Rep who sells the InteleTravel home-based Independent Travel Agency (“ITA”) business (Click here for InteleTravel Info) earns a direct sales commission. When you, as a PlanNet Marketing Rep, sell the InteleTravel Independent Travel Agency business (an ITA sale) for $179.95 and $39.95 monthly, you are paid a Direct Sales Commission of $50.00. There is no limit to the number of $50.00 Direct Sales Commissions you may earn.

Build a Rep Organization and Earn Override Commission

The PlanNet Marketing Rep who, in addition to selling the InteleTravel business opportunity, may also choose to build a Rep organization and earn override commissions on Reps in their organization who do the same.

PlanNet Marketing offers the Rep who chooses to build a team and Rep organization financial freedom and flexibility in achieving that goal. As a team-building Rep you are provided with an online, feature-rich Virtual Office, complete with all of the marketing and sale tools and support that you need to grow your business. When you enroll someone as a PlanNet Marketing Rep (initial fee $19.95 and $19.95 monthly*) and they make an ITA sale, you, as their Sponsor, are paid a 50% Match ($25.00) on their ITA sales. There is no limit to the number of 50% Match Commissions ($25.00) you may earn. And that’s just the start!

As you continue to enroll Reps, and they in turn do the same, your team grows and so does your earning potential. As your business grows, you become eligible for advanced Director levels, not to mention their higher earning levels! Click here for our exceptional compensation plan and explore the many benefits available to you as a PlanNet Marketing Rep.

PlanNet Marketing is committed to your success. We want you to live life the way YOU want to live it, to achieve financial security on your terms, and to improve your life and the lives of others. Becoming a Rep today can provide big dividends in the future!

*There are no commissions paid on the Rep enrollment Fee of $19.95 or the monthly administrative fee of $19.95.Rep commissions are paid only the ITA sale.

Income Disclosure

Low Start-up Cost

PlanNet Marketing offers the Rep opportunity for the initial purchase of $19.95 and a recurring monthly fee of $19.95, which includes your personal online Rep Virtual Office, with all of the tools and support you need to manage your successful business.

No Product Purchase Requirements

With PlanNet Marketing, there are no hidden fees or additional product purchase requirements. Your website and Virtual Office provide everything you need to market and sell the Independent Travel Agency business and to also grow your own Rep organization should you choose to do so.

Our Compensation Plan Drives Results

PlanNet Marketing offers a number of ways to generate income and recognition. It was designed to empower and motivate our Reps to build their businesses and achieve their goals. Take a look at this exciting Compensation Plan and get started on your future today! 
Click here to view Compensation Plan.

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Not completely satisfied? Let us know how we can help! And if our business opportunity isn’t right for you, your money is 100% refundable if you cancel within 90 days.

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