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The PlanNet Rep opportunity includes:

  • Low start up cost: Only $19.95
  • The monthly administration fee is $19.95 thereafter
  • Personalized PlanNet Marketing Replicated Website
  • No product purchase requirements
  • Direct sales commission on ITA sales
  • Enroll other Reps & earn override commissions
  • Look at the PlanNet "Opportunity" link in the footer of this website
  • 90 Day Refund Policy

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(If you want to become a PlanNet Rep AND own your own InteleTravel business, FIRST enroll as a PlanNet Rep. You will then receive an email with your Rep account website name and login information. Go to your Rep website Virtual Office and proceed with the purchase of your ITA.)

Please call PlanNet Support if you have any questions: 470-443-9330
+52 (55) 65990042 Soporte Español.

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