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Founded by Don Bradley, PlanNet Marketing Inc. is the culmination of years of marketing, sales and product distribution experience. Don's vast knowledge of both network marketing and team building affords PlanNet Marketing a unique place among today’s at-home business models.

PlanNet Marketing has partnered with InteleTravel, the original at-home travel agency, recognized by every major travel supplier, including the best of the best resorts and hotel brands, cruise lines, vacation companies, car rental agencies and tour operators all over the world! As a PlanNet Marketing Rep, you will offer the InteleTravel home-based travel agent business opportunity to anyone who wants to turn a passion for travel into a flexible source of income and reward.

Achieving Directorship has been nothing short of amazing. While it hasn't been an easy journey, it is well worth it, and I am learning so much in the process. Not only am I benefiting from this journey, but also my team, my family and so many other families that I am able to impact. No one is able to achieve any type of success alone; and the coaching, leadership and mentorship is worth far more than I could have afforded to pay for. This really is an amazing personal development program with an extremely high compensation plan attached to it; and I am forever grateful for the opportunity!
Lynn H., Atlanta, GA -- Three Star Director
I have been with PlanNet Marketing since day one and as a Teacher and single mother of two beautiful girls, this opportunity has blessed me to not have to work a second or summer job in two years. I was that teacher who was always searching for a part-time job and a summer job to make ends meet. Well that all changed when I decided to launch my business and now, I am able to spend quality time with my girls and travel without thinking about bills. I no longer have to punch a second time clock to make additional income. I absolutely love what I do! I now earn more in one month with PlanNet Marketing, than I do as a full-time teacher... I am forever grateful for this opportunity.
Yolanda B., Stone Mountain, GA -- One Star Director
PlanNet Marketing has been a godsend! I was working 80 hours a week for the transit authority and was really worn out! Reaching the Director level provided me with solid residual income and bonuses that've helped me cut those 80 hours per week in half and increase my monthly household income at the same time! It takes some work to get there, but it's definitely worth it! Best decision ever!
Jay S., Accokeek, MD -- One Star Director
I stared with PlanNet Marketing in February of 2017. I had zero previous experience in doing this type of thing and had no idea if I’d be able to make it work for me. I was blessed with top notch leaders and support, and within two weeks I was able to help my first person join the business, and I was a Gold Builder two months after enrolling. This business has been life changing for me and I will forever be thankful that I found it and that I am able to help others find their freedom as well.
Kenzie K., Weston, ID -- One Star Director
In December 2015 I flew from California to Atlanta to see what the noise was all about with this new marketing company. At the launch, the compensation plan was presented so CLEARLY by both the founder and corporate analyst, that I had to take advantage to free my family. I became Director March 2016. PlanNet Marketing has been a safe haven for us in our time of need while transitioning from California to South Carolina. People should pay close attention to what is in front of them. Working this business part time can definitely give you full time income.
Velecia M., Columbia, SC -- Two Star Director
I've been in network marketing for 21 years and I thank God for our CEO Donald Bradley for having the courage to start his own business in this industry. His decision to do so has saved my Network Marketing career. PlanNet Marketing is the next BIG ONE!! We now can genuinely go out and change lives around the globe. Thank you, PlanNet Marketing.
Roger L., Bowie, MD -- One Star Director
Reaching Director in Training has been an amazing journey and I have loved every minute of it. Not only has this business set me on the path to financial, personal and time freedom; it has given me confidence and belief in myself as well as friendships in our team that will last a lifetime, which I am truly grateful for.
Amy W., Reading, UK -- Director in Training
I'm married with two children and a stay at home mom. When I decided to start this business, I had no idea what to expect! I didn't know that I will gain a new family, new friends and a new perspective on life!! When I became Director in Training, I was literally running around the yard from excitement!! Traveling and helping others have ALWAYS been my passion!! PlanNet Marketing not only has been the vehicle to make all my dreams come true, but it has also been the foundation I needed to grow as a leader, prosper, be successful, persevere and conquer!! I am so grateful for my team and the leadership of PlanNet Marketing!! Last but certainly not least I will like to thank Mr. Donald Bradley for believing in all of us and his vision!! Next stop Director!!
Latrice J., Bessemer, AL -- Director in Training
I joined this awesome company July 26, 2016. At that time the company was only nine months old. Out of all the network marketing companies that I've been involved in; this was the closest to the beginning that I've ever been. I became so excited about joining a company in the beginning, I called my Sponsor and starting singing "Sign Me Up for This Opportunity"; within a few days I became a Gold Builder. The next goal was to become 20/20 and now Praise God!! I am a Director in Training. It's a "Dream Come True!!" This is the first company that I've been in where the monthly income has been consistent. I love this company and I can't stop THANKING Mr. Bradley, because God gave me favor with him. My goal is to walk across the stage this year as a One Star Director!!
Willie Mae E, O’Fallon, IL -- Director in Training
Being a Director in Training means I have helped more than 50 people start on their entrepreneurial journey. That in itself is an AMAZING feeling! I LOVE PlanNet Marketing for showing me that I can make a difference and for believing that I am destined for greatness even before I believed it myself! Thank you for being the BEST place on the PlanNet!
Lysa M., Houston, TX -- Director in Training

PlanNet Mobile App

Get closer to your business than ever before! With the PlanNet Marketing Mobile App, you stay up date on company news and events, get instant updates on your Rep's and ITA's activity, easily contact your team members and stay up to date on their recent activity as well. The PlanNet Mobile App is also your key marketing tool for sharing Videos and Websites to prospective leads. You'll be notified the instant someone visits your website or watches a video you've shared so you can follow up with these prospects immediately. Keep up with company news and events, as well as special news and announcements.

Compensation Plan
Conference Calls

Direct Sales Commission

The PlanNet Marketing Rep who sells the InteleTravel home-based Independent Travel Agency (“ITA”) business (Click here for InteleTravel Info) earns a direct sales commission. When you, as a PlanNet Marketing Rep, sell the InteleTravel Independent Travel Agency business (an ITA sale) for £142.00 and £32.00 monthly, you are paid a Direct Sales Commission of £35.00.  There is no limit to the number of £35.00 Direct Sales Commissions you may earn.*

Build a Rep Organization and Earn Override Commission

The PlanNet Marketing Rep who, in addition to selling the InteleTravel business opportunity, may also choose to build a Rep organization and earn override commissions on Reps in their organization who do the same.

PlanNet Marketing offers the Rep who chooses to build a team and Rep organization financial freedom and flexibility in achieving that goal. As a team-building Rep you are provided with an online, feature-rich Virtual Office, complete with all of the marketing and sales tools and support that you need to grow your business. When you enroll someone as a PlanNet Marketing Rep (initial fee £14.00 and £14.00 monthly*) and they make an ITA sale, you, as their Sponsor, are paid a 50% Match (£18.00) on their ITA sales. There is no limit to the number of 50% Match Commissions (£18.00) you may earn.* And that’s just the start!

As you continue to enroll Reps, and they in turn do the same, your team grows and so does your earning potential. As your business grows, you become eligible for advanced Director levels, not to mention their higher earning levels! Click here for our exceptional compensation plan and explore the many benefits available to you as a PlanNet Marketing Rep.

PlanNet Marketing is committed to your success. We want you to live life the way YOU want to live it, to achieve financial security on your terms, and to improve your life and the lives of others. Becoming a Rep today can provide big dividends in the future!

*Please note that all figures are based on amounts in US Dollars and are subject to change without notice based on current conversion rates.

**There are no commissions paid on the Rep enrollment Fee of £14.00 or the monthly administrative fee of £14.00. Rep commissions are paid to a Rep only on the ITA sale.

Income Disclosure

Low Start-up Cost

PlanNet Marketing offers the Rep opportunity for the initial purchase of £14.00 and a recurring monthly fee of £14.00, which includes your personal online Rep Virtual Office, with all of the tools and support you need to manage your successful business.

No Product Purchase Requirements

With PlanNet Marketing, there are no hidden fees or additional product purchase requirements. Your website and Virtual Office provide everything you need to market and sell the Independent Travel Agency business, and to also grow your own Rep organization should you choose to do so.

Our Compensation Plan Drives Results

PlanNet Marketing offers a number of ways to generate income and recognition. It is designed to empower and motivate our Reps to build their businesses and achieve their goals. Take a look at this exciting Compensation Plan and get started on your future today!
Click here to view Compensation Plan.

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Not completely satisfied? Let us know how we can help! And if our business opportunity isn’t right for you, your money is 100% refundable if you cancel within 90 days.


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